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we saw it friday night, it was great. i want to read the book again now.
i think it'd be a good choice!
nice work!!
fun! my fellow mdc knitter is 3boobykins, our kids go to the same playgroup - today we met at the park and got some knitting done while the younger ones played.
i love uncommon names and i love family names even more. none of my boys' names show up in the top 1000 on the ssa search. hopefully we don't have another boy though because we've pretty much exhausted the cool, uncommon family names - unless we go w/ gudmunder.
very cute!
i love ween too! haven't listened to them in years though.
Quote: Originally Posted by creektownmama There's a beautiful song by Paul Simon....called 'Father and Daughter' I'll warn you, it's kind of a tear jerker!!!! If you leap awake In the mirror of a bad dream And for a fraction of a second You can't remember where you are Just open your window And follow your memory upstream To the meadow in the mountain Where we counted every falling star I believe a light that shines on you Will shine on...
Quote: Originally Posted by kanga1622 How come no one has mentioned Anderson Cooper? I turn on his show and mute it because he's just so gorgeous and sincere looking. i also like larry david and conan...
not hard at all - you can do it!
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