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bfl = blue face leicester bbr = blackberry ridge mm = mosaic moon
galenas merino from three irish girls it's so soft!! i made a few things from it if you'd like to see pics...
Quote: Originally Posted by alyrie I'm curious...what can you get that isn't velcro, microfleece, microfiber, or with an internal soaker that is easy-wash and quick-dry? Inquiring minds would like to know! I may have some swapping to do yet! I've still got 10 days until baby is due! might check w/ www.lullabydiapers.com - katina is so sweet and i think she can do this. i have 6 small aios from her and they are awesome!
NB Mutt - had some of these w/ ds2 and they fit at least until 12lbs NB Swaddlebees - had a dozen for ds3 and they fit for about 3 weeks (he was 7.13 at birth) Kissaluv 0 - these fit for a while, most babies need more absorbancy before they outgrow them Preemie PFs - i can still get one on ds3 (he's 6 weeks now) but he pees straight through it Infant PFs - 15-20 lbs depending on baby's build i had some xs very baby aios and fitteds, they are so tiny,...
Quote: Originally Posted by bens_mommy_2005 I'm soooo bummed!!!! I just checked this site, and they only go to 24 months. The smallest he'll now fit is 3T. What a bummer!! Thanks for the site, though, because I like these for next little one. oh shoot, sorry! your guy is a couple months older than mine, but must be a bit bigger. the 24m size fits ds2 (he'll be 2 on sept 12) but not for long. hopefully long enough for him to get out of the...
my almost 2yo did this so i bought some of these http://dharmatrading.com/html/eng/15...t-toddler.html and sent them to a tie-dyer to dye for me. it's worked so far.
Quote: Originally Posted by PancakeGoddess I really love this one http://www.figandplum.com/archives/000021.html i like!!
one pail here, wash all together. eta - i have an almost 2yo and an almost 6 weeker...
yep, not too bulky, just fluffy, lol.
i throw poopy wipes and dipes into the wash - if it doesn't "plop" off into the toilet, it goes into the washer.
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