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curran's birth story the short version… 07.11.07, 2:43am (wednesday), born at home, drug free, outside in the hot tub under the stars, 7lbs 13oz, 21.5" long, 13.5" head, labor started at 9:30pm (tues) looooong version... friday the 6th i was 38weeks 6 days pregnant, the longest i'd been pregnant as my first two babies came at 38 weeks and 38 weeks 5 days. that afternoon and evening, i had some irregular contractions and thought i might be getting close! we filled...
this one is sleeping a lot too, it's great! ds1 was like this, ds2 was not. my old midwife told me they grow the most when they're sleeping and it's been true for my kids - ds1 gained so fast, ds2 was a fussy baby and has always been smaller...and now ds3 gained 1lb in 1 week!
our plans were to call the inlaws to come up (2 hours away) if labor started during the day. but what happened and worked perfectly was labor started at 9:30pm after the boys were asleep and baby was born at 2:45am. they slept right through it all and were very surprised in the morning!
anyone have this bookmarked? i did before we moved, but can't find it now... thanks! oops, nm, found it! http://www.azdhs.gov/phs/immun/pdf/s...ption-form.pdf for anyone else in need.
me, due 7.14...thought friday night was it, but nope, still pregnant. lots of bh and crampiness but nothing real *sigh* this is the longest i've ever been pregnant, lol, my first two came in the 38th week. and i've never experienced this prelabor stuff either...taking it one day at a time...
crotch lightning - isn't it great? sometimes it really takes me by surprise!
we have a few names we like but haven't narrowed it down and decided - especially stuck on a middle name. guess we'll just wait and see what comes to us after we meet him. anyone else still undecided?
no, i wouldn't get my tubes tied, i'm 28 and this is #3. we feel we're done so dh is getting a vasectomy.
mine hasn't come out until i'm in labor...
at 36 weeks i started taking one orally, one vaginally at bedtime. i'm supposed to increase every week. supposed to make labor easier and help soften the cervix.
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