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Quote: Originally Posted by ustasmom I squirreled away 16 bottles. holy!!! :LOL
i hope she gets better soon - i don't know what to suggest for washing, sorry!
every other day to every 3rd day sometimes - i'm wondering what i'll do with 2 babies...washing everyday seems overwhelming right now, lol! good thing i like doing laundry though :LOL
wow! congrats mama! big baby! can't wait to see pics! (i might be in the market for some xs vb's, lol, lmk!)
yay! congrats! i'll have to keep my eye out for some nb loveybums
not me - i need to wait until sept to try for another one!
thanks mama!!!
i think i 'need' to order some xs aios when i go to the verybaby.com page, none of the wahms show up on the licensed contractors, does this happen to anyone else?
hi! i can try to help with some of these, but i haven't cd'd a nb yet - so someone else might be able to say more... 1. yes, i think fitteds will probably hold everything in better than pfs at the beginning - but with practice, you'll be able to get a really tight fold with the pfs. for my 15 month old, i only use pfs and aios now. and yes, fitteds are much easier for dh, although mine is getting pretty good at snappi'ing on a pf now that i sold all my fitteds,...
time to get serious about a nb stash, :LOL i'd like to get a dozen or so nb aios - what are the favorites out there? if you say vb - who made them?
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