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i use dr. bronner's on my kids. you can get a big bottle for pretty cheap, and then dilute it so it lasts longer. our target is carrying dr. bronner's now, so maybe yours is too.
this stuff is AMAZING. http://www.bubbleandbee.com/servlet/...s?sfs=fd657b8f i highly recommend it. my fav is the karma apple, but if you prefer minty flavors, you'd probably love the peppermint cocoa flavor.
http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/v...ng-Mascara-Duo best.mascara.ever. that price is for 2 tubes; i use one and give the other to my daughter. if you don't think you'd use all of it though, that site also sells them in mini sizes.
i use a witch hazel toner on my face every day, and it's not drying at all. i use the rose scented one from thayers. as for the monoi de tahiti, from what i've read, the flowers are the key ingredient as far as reversing signs of aging goes. and it's not that expensive depending on where you get it. i have a 5 oz spray bottle that only cost me $7.50.
i have used rosehip seed oil as a moisturizer for my face and was very happy with it as it decreases wrinkles. recently though i ran out. i had heard some very good things about monoi de tahiti oil and i had some on hand, so i tried that. i don't think i'll ever use another moisturizer on my face again. my skin is sooooo soft, it has eliminated the wrinkles and lines around my eyes, and it smells wonderful.
another vote for the ped egg. you can get them at walgreens and they come with instructions for use.
I'm so sorry, Momma.
I do it every single night with all 4 of my kids.....the oldest of which is 12 years old. So, no, I don't think you're weird at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by AutumnBreeze And about a year and a half ago, the child ate the entire bottle, BRAND NEW BOTTLE of Hylands Teething Tabs. Once I found out he'd be ok I was sooooooooo mad! No car, no money and a teething 7 month old. When my oldest son was 1 he managed to open a bottle of hylands tablets and eat the whole bottle while I was in the bathroom taking a pee. I was in there for maybe 1 minute. Recently, my youngest dd...
This is where I get mine: http://stiphonecard.com/ HTH
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