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We have one of those big books that holds about 200 DVDs. I just keep in our ottoman. It works really well. It's too big for the kids to take it anywhere which is a huge plus.
I have really good luck with just the small, local furniture stores in my town. They'll order me anything out of the books that they sell from at a discount. You might want to try local stores.
Quote: Originally Posted by Happiestever Posting without reading. Another mom told me : Safety pinning little socks together before washing or any socks for that matter so you never lose a mate and they are already together. I should take my own advice, but I have so many socks. And I hate safety pins. I use these for my socks. http://www.sock-locks.com/ DH doesn't like them because they don't fit his socks are mostly too big, but they're...
Kwik Sew has a really good one. I think it might be 3090, but I'm sure you can find it.
That's always been one of my fears during pg, but it's been easier with the 2nd and 3rd than it was with the first. I don't know anyone who's had that happen IRL.
Not with this baby, but with my ds2, I was out shopping and running errands all day. It was just a rather normal day. Then later, that night, I felt contractions that I knew were the real thing.
I sent email cards last year, and no one said anything about it. I ran out of time/energy to do more. I also got a few nice emails back that were clearly mass mailings in place of traditional paper cards. I haven't decided what to do this year, yet.
When I was preparing for my possible c-section (didn't happen thanks to baby turning on her own!), my friends who had them all said the bleeding was lighter. I'd say that my PP bleeding has definitely been lighter this time with baby #3. I'm only 9 days out, though, so I can't say how long it will last yet.
I almost always know what coupon deals I am going to the store for, so I bring an envelope with my list on the outside and the coupons on the inside. I pull them as I find the items. It works pretty well for me.
This one is really good. I especially like that it uses the whole berries. Whole Wheat Pancakes Using a blender, blend together: 1 cup wheat berries 1 cup milk Blend together for 5 minutes. Then add ½ cup milk. Blend an additional three minutes. With blender still running, add: ½ tsp. salt 1 T. honey or sugar ¼ cup oil 1 egg Drop 1 t. baking soda in center swirl then cut off. This recipe works with powdered milk. The whole wheat can be ground...
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