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Phew!! At 40 weeks 5 days, baby Ruby Maeve came into this world last Friday afternoon. She was 9lbs, 3 oz, 20 1/2 inches long (our biggest baby). When I arrived at the hospital, utterly convinced I was going to be sent back home, I was 7 cm dilated and had bulging sac. I apparently do active labor really, really well, and save it all up for transition when I come a wee bit unglued . So after all my worries about baby's position, all worked out just fine. Ruby was...
Thanks for posting your birth story! I read through your beautiful story while breathing through some waves of contractions myself. Congratulations!! She is beautiful!!
40 weeks, five days: Still waiting here. got a perfect score on my BPP earlier this week and my NST looked great today. I was able to brush off induction this weekend rather easily, which made me feel instantly better. Not a fan of having things dangled in front of me. I agreed to NST this Sunday and BPP again on Tuesday and will take it from there. I'm thinking baby will be here sometime over the weekend, but what do I know, I'm hardly the one in charge...
Congratulations!!!!!! Wonderful to hear the good news, mama!
Quote: Originally Posted by Faliciagayle A good friend has been emailing me a birth related quote every day since I passed my guess date... I thought I'd share the ones I'd gotten so far: “Having a baby [is] an opportunity to transform a life, because in
 the moments of labor and birth all the forces of the universe are
 flowing through a woman’s body…’If you have 12 babies you only get 12
of those opportunities. This is big fun.’” –Sister...
Now three days "over." Was doing great until last night when I've started to come unglued a bit. The MW practice (plus one OB) is pushing induction and scheduling a c-section and I'm fighting back but annoyed nonetheless. Had a BPP yesterday which was perfect and NST tomorrow. Hang in there mamas. We'll get there sooner or later...
I vote you pass along her email to us and we will all take care of it for you Your baby, your birth, your moment. Enjoy!! Peace-
officially stalking and waiting patiently for good news of LO's arrival...
Almost. My EDD is tomorrow and I have no feelings of going into labor anytime soon.
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