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I'm going to try to do all the enrollment stuff today. Does anyone know the answer to my question? :)
... if I have the notarized exemption affidavit?   I live in TX, and the affidavit should be all that's required (as far as I'm aware) for me to enroll my ds into public school. Even though my son has had some vaccines, I'm presenting him to the school officials as not vaccinated and I've checked all the vaccines on the affidavit as undesirable for reasons of conscience. Does anyone know if I would still be required to show his immunization records even if I tell the...
Hello, I was wondering if someone could advise me on where to start educating myself on this issue. I have a 3 year old boy who is up to date on his vaccinations except for the ones to be given at his 3 year appointment - which I have not scheduled yet. I have felt leery about vaccines ever since he was born, but unlike my stance on circumcision, I did not know enough about the risks of vaccines to argue against the family's (and the world's) expectation that I vaccinate...
"You really should make your decision based on religious, cultural, and social reasons--not medical." From a doctor. That's priceless.
Quote: Originally Posted by quarteralien Sadly, just being an intact man doesn't guarantee you'll leave your sons intact. DH has an intact friend whose wife talked him into circing their little boy. She even tried to talk him into getting circed. I'll agree, it's less likely, but we still need to pass on to our kids how important it is. Otherwise, they'll get bowled over by pro-circ spouses. It makes me so sad when I hear about that kind of...
^^^ I have to agree with that. In the end, you have no hold over your children's choices. Your girls will decide for themselves what is important for them.
I wonder if any of you have heard of the Disney channel show called Jake Long: American Dragon? If I'm not mistaken, he's also biracial; his mom is asian and his dad looks to be white.
I don't know how I feel about that. This could be used to further the argument for infant circumcision.
Well, he's in undies, so he takes them on and off as he pleases... and then he does like to play with himself, and I do notice it is red right after. I'll keep an eye on it to see if it starts bothering him. If so I'll try the yogurt. Good to know that mine is not the only ds who has/had this. Thank you! :
^^^ I remember when a family friend once asked me if I wanted my son to marry a white lady so that my grandkids would look white. HUH?? And she asked it like it should be taken for granted that a filipina would want to eliminate the native blood from her legacy! Definitely some serious issues in the whole culture.
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