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I guess that's kind of an extreme example. I was referring to the more common scenario, where the parents stay in the waiting room during the circ, and then their baby is returned to them with the old "he slept right through it" or "he only cried for a second." The "successful circumcision" scenario, where the parents feel absolutely no guilt, and no doubt for their decision. Would their opinion change if they had actually seen what their son had to go through?
Along similar lines, I wonder what your sister would say to your son if he asked. I always wonder what pro-circ people would say to defend their decision when their cut child is faced with another child who has been left intact. It's like this documentary I watched, where a man was telling a story of when he first realized that he was circumcised. He was very young and playing with an intact boy, and they showed each other their penises. He noticed that their penises...
Then again some babies don't fall asleep. I can think of a couple circ videos I've seen where the child screamed and screamed the entire time. You know, I've actually thought of the same thing as this. If you recorded a child's circumcision and showed it to his parents after he was returned to them, would they still feel the same about their decision?
I'm not defending them by any means. It's been my experience that cut men will make fun of penises that are intact. Ever heard of the term anteater? Pig-in-a-blanket? Yeah, it's immature and rude, but it's far from uncommon. This is not an isolated incidence, I've heard it plenty of times in my life coming from male friends. And as for "giving him hell" vs. "playful teasing," what exactly is the difference? Why exactly would "playful teasing" about an intact penis...
Quote: Originally Posted by tennisdude23 Why did they give him hell? Seems like a weird subject to discuss in the first place and talk about ignorance. I don't know? Because they're all cut men under the age of 25 and they don't have anything else to do but rag on each other out there? I don't think it's at all unusual for young (cut) men to talk about circumcision if they happen to be ridiculing those who are not.
Why is that? My son's father is in the Marines and his guys gave him hell when they found out that his son isn't circumcised. Which made him even more resentful of my decision, of course. I never really understood why the military is so pro circ.
I agree. I have also been told that the south has the next to lowest circ rate of all the US regions, but that hasn't been evident in my experience. Houston, Texas = high circ rate
Well, at least I feel a little less nutty now. After my 2 year old's swim class, I also have a habit of checking for circ/no circ when the other parents are toweling off their kiddos. I also want to know if my boy will be too different from his peers. Unfortunately my findings have not been as happy as yours. Out of all those children, I only saw one little boy who was not circ'ed, and his parents were Eastern European. *sigh* I live in Houston, Texas.
*scratches head* I'm filipino. I can tell you that every single man and boy in my extended family was cut shortly after birth, not during boyhood. With the exception of my son, of course, who is intact. I'm not sure why it's been highlighted that ALL filipino men are circumcised during boyhood... frankly it isn't true, and if some boys are done at a later age, they're in the minority. I suppose my annoyance with this myth is the fact that some people use it to...
Thanks for the info, I thought it should make sense that most of those nerve endings should be in the ridged band area. I'm aware of all of the problems circumcision causes, we were just having a discussion about mgm vs. fgm, how they compare, etc. To be sure, fgm also causes loss of sexual function and loss of tissue protection for women, so that's not really a difference between the two?
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