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I have this too. I think it's all right to take benadryl, but I just kind of sniffle and bear it.
I don't complain... instead I hold it in, become a lump on my bed and cry. Does complaining help?
Girl... because it sounds like Eowyn from Lord of the Rings.
Krista, I'm so sorry this is happening to your family. In all honesty, we get very few stories of good dads here in the single parents forum, and it's just heartbreaking that when we do, he's in danger of losing his little boy. Your brother has quite a few things going his way, ie a good lawyer, the testimony of your family, etc. It will probably be VERY possible to also get the testimony of the daycare providers who receive your nephew, as they will know that it's...
My boobs aren't really growing. They became slightly fuller and larger maybe a week after BFP and haven't changed since. Just a lot of soreness and I have to be careful not to bounce around or I'll hurt myself. Should my breasts be growing? Should I be worried if they aren't?
Thanks for your support. I can't wait until my baby is here... : I had a "baby's father" sighting today, the first time I saw him since I told him I was pregnant in the beginning of Feb. He walked into the a Starbucks where I was quietly talking with my friend. I saw him, panicked and ran out. I want to be where you are already, Seasons. Like you said, I'm glad my child won't go through the trauma of seeing her parents separated, b/c it's not as if her...
Our hearts are with you, mama! That's very good news. Question...? Is it five and a half weeks gestation, or fetus age?
Oh yes... I meant to say... I actually started a thread about children going to find their biological fathers in this same forum. If your friend is concerned about her child having a father, perhaps she should leave it up to her child if he/she wants to meet his father later on in life?
Considering the situation that many of us on this board are in, I think I would just be happy the man was giving financial support. It's painful to know that the father doesn't want to be involved with his child, but that man's family hasn't done anything wrong to your friend. I don't think it's fair of her to disrupt their lives... especially the teenage daughter's! I say this because my father fooled around. I have a half-sister I've never met who is fifteen now,...
If you're looking at the Chinese lunar calendar, it shouldn't matter how old you are when you conceive... all that matters is the month you conceived, and how old you will be when the baby is born. Many of those online calendars don't convert for the mother's lunar age, though, and that's what it goes by.
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