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What did you decide to do? IMHO, this sounds like a trip Dad should take by himself. He needs to see his dying grandmother. Your nighttime concerns for DS1 are valid - being in someone else's house overnight where there might be lack of support for his parenting style - ugh. DS1 might very well surprise you both with how well he does with his Dad overnight, but this doesn't sound like the trip to experiment.
I have Maggie's Weaning and read it to my DS when he was nursing. It's cute but I changed many of the words to fit our vocabulary, etc. Making one yourself is a great idea.
I, too, am nursing my 3yo DD and have started to encourage less nursing. I'd like to do just before bed and waking up, naps included if needed. (She doesn't always nap.) The camping trip we took last weekend started us off on this path of less frequent nursings. But guess what? I'm getting headaches that I'm thinking are hormonally related. Ugh! I'm increasing my magnesium intake, not sure what else would help. I find that if DD sees me sitting, ever, she asks to nurse....
Your child is old enough for you to explain the plan when you're ready to implement one. Telling him the plan ahead of time, whatever you decide on, such as "no nums nums until the alarm goes off/when the sun comes up", should help. I agree about not being wishy-washy but being willing to adjust the plan if the protests are very strong. Can your husband put him to bed at the beginning of the night? Then he might not be as resistant to seeing him again during the night?
Being asked to rate your pain on a scale from 1 - 10 Having your midwife and nurse leave when their shift is over and you haven't given birth yet Lack of comfy place for DH/partner to sleep in the room
There are some great sales going on right now. I hesitate to get too much, for fear I'll be wrong on sizes, but like a previous post said, if you don't spend money you don't have, it's not the end of the world. I got DD some LL Bean snow boots last year and they ended up being too small this winter. But they were only a few $ so it was nice to pass them on to a friend. And I have been blessed with soooo many hand-me-downs, I'm just spreading the goods around.
This IS concerning!
Thanks for the replies! I, too, gave birth to my DD at Tobey with Louise and had a wonderful experience. My friend, though, would like the option of an epidural and I don't know anything about the OBs there.
Anyone know the latest scoop on laboring in tubs at Jordan Hospital? Do they have them? I'm asking for a friend who is 34 weeks along and thinking of switching from SSH because they are removing all the tubs from their labor rooms! Supposedly they will be getting inflatable tubs but won't have them in time for my friend's due date. She doesn't like the sound of not being able to be in a tub during labor! : TIA!
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