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will you still....? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- be offering this next week. I dont have any money to spare today. but i will next week. and I really, really, really need this.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> YES, I still have a ton!!!!!!!!!!:
I can't ship to Canada as paypal needs a delivery confirmation number.
Pattern tracing pellon 10 yards for $1.50. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pattern tracing pellon 10 yards for $1.50. Not certain exactly what to call this as I bought it on huge rolls. I think it may also be used for embroidery stabilizing. VERY Similar to Pellon/interfacing but no name/weight is on the bolt...... I use it for tracing all of my patterns and it works GREAT. I got a GREAT deal on bolts and am...
I have a New in box Avent Isis, i'd sell for $20.00! You can see the style/type here: http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g4...lil1s/10_1.jpg http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g4.../AventIsis.jpg
Only, I am "38" now!
I had emailed through the help link, and I can't remember where else, but, I cannot fix this. SaraKay2 AWESOME MaMa sent me a bunch of FFS diapers I had posted for & they are super! This was feedback I left her, and it is showing a sad face/negative when it should be positive. I want to get this fixed for the Mama, but have no idea how! TIA!
Is trying very hard to hit 1,000 posts....LOL
Trix are for kids!
Ex-dh was 4 years older, I traded him in 4 a newer model who is 3+ years younger than me and 7+ years younger than my ex-dh! It was a VERY, VERY good trrade....LOL
TPBM......Ran around in the house in her PJ's today because she was hoping to get a nap at some point, but, the kiddo's never went down for one!
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