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hi carla! good to hear from you! i'm definitely still interested. re location, i'm on bby mt. most days are good for us except mondays. what about everyone else? with all the beautiful sunny weather we're having, it might be nice to have our first get together outside somewhere. how about trout lake?? ~jane
subbing too. where i'm at: i am very attracted to waldorf education/philosophy (with some oppositions) and would love to get together with like-minded mamas once a week or so, depending on what life allows and other people's schedules. i like the idea of rotating locations, in people's homes as well as meeting outside at parks, etc. for outdoor exploration and play. i'd be willing to host in my home so long as the group isn't too big (my place is relatively small,...
there are some available today on hyenacart: http://hyenacart.com/MuttaqinBaby/
it started working right after i posted my message
me too
soft star shoes are lovely and oooooh so cute!: http://www.softstarshoes.com/index.cfm i HIGHLY recommend getting your little one a pair of custom shoes, especially seeing that he has chunky feet (they can alter the width and instep). i've had amazing customer service with them and absolutely love their creations -- we have pairs of sandals, shoes, mocs and sheepskin lined boots. they all have super flexible soles and, like super kitty said, they don't reak of chemicals...
my favourite hankies are hankettes. they are awesome! -- they are made of organic cotton and are super soft, durable, ooooh so lovely! here's the link: http://www.hankettes.com/ ~jane
my partner loves our mei tais. he's a pro with the front carry and has no qualms whatsoever about wearing a lavendar flowered mei tai with purple straps! if your dh is opposed to "girly" looking carriers, i'd recommend the ergo or a mei tai with a more gender-neutral panel on one side and a pattern that you love on the other side. babyhawk makes reversible mei tais and has an amazing selection of prints to choose from: http://www.babyhawk.com/ ~jane
thanks for the link! the peace car carrier is perfect for my car lovin' little hippie baby!
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