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In my past life, I worked with emotionally disturbed adults. They would yell and throw things. I learned quickly, that the best way to diffuse the situation would be to totally turn off my emotions and realize that their problems were not my problems. (Teachers say that the minute you lose your temper with a class, you lose the class.) I used to just stare blank faced at these people when they acted up. I found this approach works amazingly well with my own kids....
Of course it's incredibly easy to post: No, and I never would. :
So I suppose that somehow the urge to post on this board (or even find it) came from subliminal message from the women here--maybe coming to you through your rasberry leaf tea or something? Yeah, right. Oh, and btw--not everyone on the board is a hippie. Some of us are in our 40s and even 50s and run our businesses (on Wall Street, thank you very much) and own real estate in multiple states. We just happen to be in tune with our children and want what's best for...
How about another perspective? I cheated on my dh after we had been together for ten years, but didn't have kids yet (now we have two) and have been together almost 20 years. I didn't tell him about it for years and then I couldn't stand myself any more and told him. Some say telling him was selfish--that I should have kept my mouth shut--and maybe they are right. I don't know if DH ever thinks about it anymore--but I do. And I do because I regret every single...
vitamin B12 and B6 work like a charm
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