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I keep hand sanitizer in my purse so cleaning them at restaurants and at work is pretty easy, but remembering to wash them before eating at home is harder.  I am the cook and I wash before preparing the food.  Hopefully they are clean enough.
Yes I do......I did it this afternoon actually.  I bought a skirt that is beautiful and ridiculously on sale but it is a little tight on the hips.   If you have time I would go back to the store and try it on again, maybe with what you plan on wearing under it if you did have it.  I bought a winter coat a bit big because I figured I needed to wear a bulky sweater under it.  My sweaters were less bulky than I thought and the coat is too big.   I still like and wear the...
One of my go-to curses is bloody hell, which also has a religious implication.  I hate when people say Jesus Christ in a negative way but I guess I am so used to people (myself included) saying Oh My God as common language I stopped noticing.    When you pay attention it is said excessively.
My good knives and set of stainless steal pots and pans make me feel rich.  I feel good when ever I cook.
I live far away from my family.  I am either 18 hours by car or a 1.5 hour flight plus 3 hour car ride from home.  I would rather live closer to home.  I am close to my family and I miss seeing them all of the time.  Idealy I would be within a two hour drive from home, but not actually in my home town.
I miss Emma too,and her adorable wardrobe.  It could be the large cast makes it hard for them to include everyone, and they seem to be writting Will as over his attraction to Emma.
fuzzy and ment to keep your feet warm :)
Shoes off is what i prefer in my house.
I have two large coffee's a day.  My family and coworkers say they can tell how much coffee I've had depending on how open my eyes are.  I don't drink much tea and hardly any pop.
I drink pop every couple of years.  I recently had a Sprite but a few years ago I had coke and it made me so bloated I could hardly sit up.  I was at work and I tried to find a discreet way to.... ahem...... get rid of the gas.  There is no discreet way to do that. 
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