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Hello, I realize it has been quite awhile since you posred this, but I am a midiwfe in Vegas and would be happy to go to Pahrump! If you still need a midwife please feel free to message me!
Hello! I have a mom who is 20 weeks pregnant. She has an umbilical hernia that she has had since her first pregnancy this is her third baby. She has had passing discomfort before. Today she is experiencing pain that is shooting and radiates out, it is getting increasingly more intense as the day progresses. All the information that we have been able to find that addresses this is not helpful for her until she is no longer pregnant. I am wondering if anyone has...
Yes he is exclusively breastfed. Thanks for the suggestions!
Hello, I am wondering about herbal remedies for a cold in a 5 month old. My son is coming down with a cold and I wouldn't think much of it accept that my husband is just getting over it and was horribly sick. He had a very low fever overnight has a snotty nose and the start of a cough, what would you suggest? Thanks in advance!!! Ranni
I personally feel that the only real reason to become certified to encapsulate placentas is for branding for your business. If you feel that the benefits of being certified and being part of a particular "brand" for providing this service are worth the strings that are attached then go for it. If you do not feel that the strings are worth the potential benefit of signing on to the brand then get some books, read up on-line and go for it! Ranni Wife, Mother, and...
My daughter also had RSV she was 10 days old when we took her to the hospital because she was retracting fairly severely. Anything that she can do to help her health generally is great. My daughter was in the hospital and the only treatment she received was oxygen, this is simply a supportive treatment and for her it was necessary to help her with oxygen because of her difficulty breathing while allowing her body to fight the virus. Of course skin to skin contact and...
I'm so glad I live in a state that is not regulated! Here in Nevada my midwife gets to decide for herself when she is comfortable catching a baby! Ranni
My good friend has had HG requiring hospitalizations and has found that being pregnant while continuing to nurse has mad a huge difference for her. Ranni
I would be very interested in joining some kind of online group for self directed students! I am using the NARM guidelines as my guide also and am apprenticing attending prenatals and births etc. It would be great to have an informal group with others! Ranni
Our first was born in the hospital she is now nearly 5, soon after the homebirth of her sister (16 mos) she and I talked about her birth. She was very sad that she had been born in the hospital. She went on to describe vividly how they gave her a bath and she did not like it. She said she was cold and wanted her mama and wanted nanas (our term for nursing). She cried and cried this was a memory as we had never discussed it before and the only births on video and live...
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