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My DH and I are both Christian so we talk about god with our son all the time, we pray together and sometimes our son "prays" alone. He hasn't asked but my DH has told him that God is his father, above everyone else and that God loves him.
Pray and ask god to help you find him.
My son doesn't know the difference
I don't know of any personally, but you can do a search online
why do people ask these questions, every child is different, do you ask for others to tell you that their kids know everything then you feel like your child has something wrong with them. Why ask someone else, when it's your child. Every child does things at a different pace.
Quote: Originally Posted by stirringleaf for the sake of people like me who might be rolling thier eyes at the thread title, thinking " i WISH i had a choice, and that it was just for fun..." Thank you, I, Myself don't have a choice but to shop there or a store like walmart.
I do also, When my son out grows his clothes, I usually just give them back to the goodwill
I use the vicks vaporizer, it works every time
Don't say anything, It's not your place, you're not his mother. Prehaps you can talk to his mom, she may let him watch violent tv shows or movies, or maybe he has witnessed something.
yeah been there, My son does that as well, he also hits his head against the wall.
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