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Currently our two oldest 13&10yrs share a small room. And our younger two 7&5yrs share a room. Our youngest girl sleeps with us, always has. We co-slept for at least every child for 5yrs. Our 7yr old boy almost always ends up in our bed too. The bigger they get, the harder it is to sleep. Our 7yr old, has suddenly developed a fear of his room(being alone). What is your thoughts on all four children sleeping in one room? My children are on with it. I could use the other...
Wanting to know if the 8 fillings in my mouth are causing heavy metal levels in my body. Also worried about led on 2 of our children. Any suggestions on a saft trusted at home test? Thanks
: I have a 9yr old. Thanks for all the great info... Thoes are challenging times..
Thank you for all the great Ideas. As I said before I LOVE the good smells in the oils. And I HAVE to have things clean. i just want to do it safe for my family! I am totally checking into that lotion soap!!:
We made our own for years but I admit that I like the store bought stuff better. I love the smells. I use a ton of Seventh Generation but it is hard to find here and way expensive. I just bought Method stuff from Target. It claims to be safe and Non-Toxic but has warning lables. Is this brand ok? I love the smells!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by jen&james Sometimes after having babies our hormones will be so out of whack that we can end up having alot strange symptoms. You are still nursing but I would have your hormones checked and let your DR or midwife know your symptoms. The sick feeling we get during PG is because of high hormnes and although you are probably not pregnant you may still cyclical sickness due to them. I looked that up. Says it starts as...
Thanks. i just took another test and it is a BIG NEG! I'm sure if I was feeling this bad that the hormone levels would be high and show up a pos. It might be the weather change and a tummy bug. I do not feel sick just the nausea???
Ok, just when I thought I knew EVERYTHING about being pregnant here I am very confused... We have four wonderful children and are not planning to have more. My husband had a V right before our last was born. We got the first neg but never went for the second. I went and watched it and could never imagine it growing back!!!!!!! It has been over a yr. I got my AF back four months ago. They are right on time and everything. I had my last one which was very hard...
Well.... We went out yesterday and bought a graco Natulis!!!!!!!!!!!!: They were out at Wal-Mart for $159.00 and Target wanted $179.99 and had only a pink one... Also they can not do price matches. Sooooo.... We went to Shapko and bought the black and grey one there. They wanted $179.99 but they did the price at Wal-Mart for $159.99... Yipee! Got it home and he fits great! TONS of room to grow. He is only on the first slot. But I had to move the crotch strap...
The 3 in 1 that I saw harnessed up to 50lbs.... Ok, the Natilus it is!!: Now, why on the ease of use site are there two?? a FF one and a B one?? There are two colors not counting the pink... Which fabric is best?? The grey and black slippery one or the softer grey one??
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