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Agreed.    My babies have ranged from 8+ lbs (he seemed tiny!) to 10 lbs, and I went to almost 42 weeks with each of them.  The bigger babies were not any harder to birth - they were actually my faster, easier births - and were all natural births without any threat of induction by my caregivers.  You should definitely see one or both of the other doctors from now on - find out which one is the most supportive of not inducing and go with them for the remainder of your...
chica - I'm on WIC, too, and am pretty thrilled that I can get organic milk with it.  You have to choose that option so that it's on your packet list - but I was thinking - why would anyone *not* choose it?  The crazy thing is that I have a feeling that tons of moms (most?) don't.  I'm also on full coverage pregnancy medicaid - it even covers vision, hearing exams, etc!  I need to get in to the doctor and take advantage of some of it now before the babe is born.    I...
I'm a mostly "stay at home" mom, too - and yes, nursing takes up a lot of time!  I know that I've always used the time baby is asleep to clean the house or exercise a bit.  Other than that, it seems like I am either wearing and/or nursing baby, cooking food for the other kids, homeschooling, etc etc.  I just do what I would always do, except with baby in tow.  You definitely accomplish a lot less for a while there.  And definitely have some good books or letter writing...
Haha, I don't remember how old my oldest was when he asked for more specific details about how babies are made (I think around 6 or 7) - but I do remember his response: "So, you've done that three times then?"
nhklh - I don't feel like my tummy is looking much bigger either in the past few weeks either, but I'm definitely feeling it! 
travelmumma - I agree with the other mamas that despite all your symptoms that it doesn't mean that you'll go early.  I'm guessing you'll hang on til your due date, at least - so now you have a counter prediction;)  My baby has also been head down for ages, at least since 27 weeks, but my babies never "drop" until I'm actually in labor - and then there are babies like yours that engage very early, but can just hang out there for weeks on end...  Your body may just be in...
tropicana - thanks for posting that.  I definitely don't want to do the injection and was only planning to load up on vit K foods over the next couple months, but now think that the vit K supplementation for myself while nursing sounds like a great idea as well. 
Check out this article nhklh: http://www.keeperofthehome.org/2012/02/natural-ways-to-recover-from-pregnancy.html xox
A concise article on standard newborn procedures and making thoughtful decisions about them...   http://www.keeperofthehome.org/2012/02/1o-decisions-for-parents-of-newborns.html   http://www.keeperofthehome.org/2012/02/10-decision-of-newborn-parents-part-2.html
I do think if you live in an apartment building where you're worried about someone calling the police if they're unsure of what they're hearing - sego's idea of a sign on the door for "please do not knock/ring the doorbell...laboring mother..." might be a good idea.  But in all likelihood, no one will even know what's going on - and if someone does come by you'll have dh or your midwife to quickly and quietly explain any confusion.  hugs   
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