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    It’s a girl!    Pepper Delphinium was born at home at10:18pm on Dec 28th – a week early, on a full moon.  A tiny little baby doll at  6 lbs. 14 ounces.   Since all four of my other kids were born close to two weeks past due, I fully expected Pepper to be born around the 15th of January.  But after two extended bouts of contractions at 38 weeks, (6 min apart for 6 hrs the first time and 10 min apart for 10 hours the second), I woke up at 4:30am on the...
Well, here's my update.  Went into midwife for check up and all was well.  Went home, had sex, went to bed (more or less;)  Woke up at 4:30 am to pee and water broke, but bloody.  Frantically called the midwife - bloody amniotic fluid streaming down legs at 38 1/2 wks was scary.  She was pretty reassuring that it was fine, but came and checked on us a couple hours later.  Baby's heart rate good, accelerations good.  There was a little bit of meconium in the water, too,...
I think quite a few mamas on these boards had prodromal labor this time around.  I've had a couple separate bouts of it in the past week - which has never happened to me before either.  I'm pretty content to keep on keeping pregnant, my only concern has been babe's decreased movements for hours to a day at a time whenever I have consistent contractions.  We're going in for a check up today though.  Hang in there!  
Harmony - I'm still on here, too;)  I care!  haha   I've been having similar stuff going on.  On both the 20th and again last night - I had strong BH or false labor contractions that were every 6-10 min apart and continued for about 8 hours each time.  They weren't painful (except for crampy) and didn't ever increase beyond the 6-10 mins - but what a pain in the butt!  I've never had prodromal labor with any of my other pregnancies, so this is strange to me. ...
Congratulations Kelly!  She's so pretty, and what a pretty name! 
Congratulations Ginger and Wendy!  What beautiful girls!   That was a lovely birth story Wendy - you almost made me cry.  And look at those pudgy arms!  xox
Thanks tropicana!   I'm still here;)  I'm 38 weeks and expecting to go to 41 still, so...   Tired out a lot, but other than that I'm doing great.  I'm also happy to keep having time to get stuff done before the birth - finished up the last couple receiving blankets today and finally almost have baby quilt done.  Ordered the blue/black cohosh tincture and rescue remedy and sitz basin and baby snowsuit - which were pretty much the last "necessities" on my list. ...
Sweetmilk - she's beautiful!   And congratulations annaka!!!
Congratulations Betsy!  And I'm so glad you posted your full story - I love hearing them.  So awesome that your mom was there, and reading you chapters!    What a pretty name and pretty baby - so excited for you.  xox
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