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purposeful - I think that it is completely natural for you to still be working through these feelings.  I've had negative feelings toward some past birth and midwife experiences that I kind of obsessed about for months afterward - and things I wanted to say to them (but didn't) - issues where I felt that I was, in particular, emotionally let down by them.  In once instance I wrote my last midwife a long letter explaining in full how I felt (that I didn't end up giving to...
As far as the sleeping baby goes - I've co-slept with all of mine, and they just really want to be right against you while they're sleeping.  Which makes sense!  I think it's just super instinctual for them to work their way back over to the heat and heartbeat that they're so used to (not to mention the breast!).  As long as there aren't heavy blankets or pillows to be concerned about, I wouldn't worry about being too close to babe/smothering them or whatever.  Research...
She's so beautiful and perfect!  Congratulations!!
Congratulations GreenTea!  xoxxo
Mamab - I need to stay away from any more news stories as well - I spent hours crying today after reading too many details about yesterday's horrible horrible shooting. 
Jackies - I just feel like I still have so much to do, and with four other kids I just don't really have enough hours in the day - so I'm not exactly feeling like I'm in a state of waiting...  But yeah, I would just keep busy with every last minute little thing that you might wish you'd done if the babe were born tomorrow, for example.  And like you said, the kind of stuff you won't be able to or won't want to do with a newborn.    sego - xox
Congratulations!!  Pictures!  xox
Congrats Rae!  I often think mamas know better than midwives - don't tell!;)  Awesome story and so cool that your dh got to catch her!  xox
Congratulations sunseeker and lilac!  Can't wait to see photos!
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