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He's beautiful!  And that is a really lovely birth shot of you three, also.  Congratulations! 
Congratulations sego!  And after all that waiting, you got your fast labor!!  yay!  xox
Congratulations chica!!
Congratulations!  He's adorable!  Can't wait to hear the story soon. 
Natalie, I agree with lots of bare bottom time!  That has definitely worked for my babies in the past.  If the warm salt water doesn't work on the cord or it's still smelling, I would use a bit of hydrogen peroxide.  It doesn't sting - it's actually soothing on small infections or cuts - and it works quickly.  Also, you could always try a different disposable for nighttime use to keep him dryer than a cloth diaper would - some disposables give babies rashes, while others...
Congratulations!  Can't wait to hear more!
So nice to hear from you mamas - I'm not on the facebook group, so I hope everyone will keep posting on here, too.  Can we keep the group going, even once everyone has had their babies, by just turning the due date group into a parenting group?   So sorry for all the mamas having to deal with hospitals and infections.    No big news here, just getting stronger, more frequent bh contrax - although not painful at all; tender boobs again; and am seriously thinking...
Neither me and my brother, nor any of my kids were born on the exact same moon day.    But it was interesting to realize that both me and my brother, and three of my four kids so far, were all born during a new moon (days 1, 5, 3, 9 and 4).  And this baby - if she's my average 10 days late - will also be born in a new moon.  My oldest/first was born right after a full moon, so he's the exception to the pattern for me.   Not exact, but pretty interesting.  I...
I love those days chica!  I'm exhausted today and feel like I have a bit of a cold - headache-y, muscle ache-y, runny nose.  Had a horrible nights sleep.  But I'm sewing up a batch of flannel and wool nursing pads and getting another simple cotton baby hat done - a smaller one for when babe is first born.  Baby shower was yesterday and got a bunch of awesome hand knit stuff, plus a sweet handmade origami mobile.  My bh are still really mellow - but I don't think mine...
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