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Love the name Juniper!   
Lilac - It can go on for another week-ish;)  My longest past due was a day past 42 weeks, I think.  My average is 10-12 days past due.  Your body won't be too tired for labor though - you'll get adrenaline and endorphins and all that.  Just try to rest as much as you can - put your feet up and eat nourishing foods and drink lots of water.  Even if you're not getting enough sleep - those things should help.  Hang in there! 
It's finally snowing here, too, and completely lovely now.  Snow globe snow. 
36 weeks today and my really good news is that someone (I'm assuming my mom) bought us the car seat and cover off of the baby registry!  So that is one huge and necessary purchase that we don't have to worry about anymore.   In other interesting news, I re-read the account of my last birth, and what I thought had been 4 hrs of active labor was only 2 1/2 hours! of back to back intense contractions and then uncontrollable pushing.  Crazy how we remember things...
Congratulations zebrachick! 
Oh my gosh - he is beautiful!  Can't wait to hear the whole story!  Congratulations on finally getting to rest!
! so cute!
Almost 36 weeks here and having one of those really worn out body feeling days.  Some days I have plenty of energy, and then some are like today.  Slightly puffy fingers and toes today, too - another symptom that comes and goes the past week or two (seemingly despite how much or little water I drink).  The girls (13 and 7) are throwing me a baby shower on Sunday - which means that I have to clean up and help with that;) for the next couple days - which is what happens...
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