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Congratulations!  xoxoxo
mamaharrison - I can *never* remember if it's blue or black that I've used with each previous labor - generally my current midwife is like, "oh, it must have been ______."  This time I'll probably just do a combined tincture of the two - unless I suddenly recall which it was that I've used in the past.    Anyway - my very first labor was very long - 48 hours.  And that could have been because it was my first, and/or because I was scared, and'or because he was...
In most of my labors the cohosh has made a huge difference in really picking up the pace - good luck Natalie!  xox
Good job!;)  Can't wait to see pictures and hear the story!  A girl!  Congratulations!!!  xoxoxo
(I'm sure that you already know) that lots and lots of first babies are born after their due date, lulu - often a week or two past - so don't lose heart!  I think my first was born two weeks past due, on the dot.  And then there are those of us who always go past due;) and have come to expect it.  I suppose it's easier after the first time though - just because you've been there before.   I actually like having the extra time to get last minute stuff done or just relax...
Beautiful esp.  Such a lovely birth story.  Lots of love to you two.  xox
Hugs smerkin - so glad you're both okay.  He's beautiful.    And congratulations again emma g!  Love hearing the birth stories! 
Well, like I said on another thread - I finally ordered my home birth kit today - figured I should since we're okay for a home birth in the next week - even though I still imagine I'll go well past my due date.  My 7 and 13-yr-old daughters are throwing a baby shower for me this coming Sunday and it will be fun to hang out with all my good friends for a couple hours.  And another incentive to keep cleaning!  Home visit also happens this week and switching to once a week...
Congratulations!  So glad you're home and both doing well!  (I have a gg, too: Gretel Ginger.)  xoxoxoxo
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