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35 weeks plus here;) - just ordered my home birth kit and am working on cleaning and organizing the bedroom today - since we have the go ahead for a home birth in the next week, even though I'm sure to be late rather than early.  Good to be prepared!  So, even though I'm a ways off from *feeling* birth-y, I'm still doing birth prep!    hugs to everyone
What a beautiful story - I'm so glad you shared the whole thing.  And I'm so proud of you for how you stood up for yourself and your babe!  Congratulations!!!! 
35 weeks - measuring close to 38  
Congratulations Kaliki and esp!  xoxoxo
Congratulations Tropicana!  xoxoxoxox  Love his plump little chin.
L0ve the cradle!   Everyone looks lovely and happy!  xox
I really have no premonitions, just a pattern that my body usually follows - but with a new dad/new dna in the mix...    But my date prediction I'm saying is Jan. 15th - which is 10 days past my due date.  I'm now sort of thinking it might be a couple days sooner, but I'll stick with my original guess. I'm also going to say a girl, around 9 lbs, and that my active labor will be fairly quick (for me anyway) - around 4 hours, followed by - I meant to say - following...
My favorite clothes right now are loose cotton dresses (non maternity), hitting at about the knee, tied in with a *stretchy* piece of fabric - so that when I sit down or eat it isn't constricting at all.  I have about two, maybe three dresses that still fall into this category - all the rest got too short as my tummy has expanded.  Can't do pants at all anymore - can't do most tights - both too constricting.  I've actually been using a loose garter belt to hold up my...
ditto to sego
I also usually end up throwing off all clothes (what little I had on - usually just a loose long top) at the pushing stage.  Didn't have trouble sticking to tub when I watered in labor, but it was jacuzzi style. 
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