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I'm in PA, but I would definitely say there are quite a few more cold snaps to come. I think our last frost date is early May, but of course you can direct sow cool season crops, vegies, perennials weeks before that. We've been getting springy weather, too, but then it snows again a few days later!
Hi Erika - Not much time to write, but a quick hello. I have 3 kids, my oldest is 6 1/2 yrs. We're unschoolers, but I do enjoy certain aspects of Montessori, CM, and Waldorf. Welcome!
From what I've read, many colleges (especially some of the best), love getting homeschooled kids, for a number of reasons I guess. (I know, real specific there!) As for tests, I think in many states testing is just every 3 years - which isn't that bad, even for an unschooler. Also, I know in PA you can totally waive tests for "religous" reasons. Even once a year, if you had to do it, wouldn't be that bad as long as you don't place importance on it and aren't teaching...
Amen to that!!
I see everyone's points - I figured there was more to it then was clear. Thanks for responding. For someone who didn't know the whole story though, hearing a moderator respond in that way was a little surprising. I realize you're all moms and volunteers, and I realize now that the poster was out of line herself, but its seems like there have been a lot of mean little comments between people lately. I think keeping a cooler head in the situation and just replying to...
I guess polite is the wrong word - I guess I mean, isn't one of the jobs of the moderators to encourage semi-peaceful resolutions when necessary, and to be above nastiness? I just feel like the moderators should set a good example. I don't know the whole story I realize, but in TAO, in the thread "Umm sorry?" I don't feel like Missgirl set a very good example in telling the poster "don't flatter yourself". I thought it was pretty rude.
Another thing, though I totally agree with the food allergy possibility, is that lots of 6 yr. olds are just really whiney! Mine and a number of his friends are. My ds also went through a period of saying he hated himself, not quite so extreme as yours, but he was saying it for a while, and saying he wished he was dead, too! I tried not yo make too big a deal out of it, although its hard to hear! With mine, I think it was mostly just the age he's at - a kind of...
I think dotcommama has great advice - I do most of those things, too. But I also definitely think getting the tv out of site is necessary for your dd. I also sometimes wear mine in the backpack while preparing meals.
Yeah, a poll on income is hard to give an accurate picture, as people live in different areas where things are higher or lower in cost, different family sizes, etc. We have 3 kids and only my dh works; we're around $25,000, which really just isn't enough!! - bills are always behind, etc. etc. As far as food though - I still manage to buy organic, rennet free, non GM, free range, etc. much of the time because its important to me. Food is pretty much where we spend a...
You sound like you've read "Seven Times the Sun"? If not, you'd probably love it. I'm the same way, so no advice here! I'd love to have a better rhythm to our days, but am the queen of disorganization. I know one of the things thats reccomended is starting small, with 1 or 2 things at first, rather than trying to revamp your whole day all at once.
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