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Being horrible with house plants, I also usually fail at starting seeds indoors. What I do is direct seed everything I can right into the garden - which is honestly just about everything - flowers and vegies - lots of things grow great this way. For the few that need a head start, such as some herbs for instance, I buy seedlings. Good luck!
We live in the city and have a tiny little backyard space for gardening. Last summer we added some "mushroom manure"/compost that we bought at the organic gardening store to the soil. Well the problem is - it STINKS! Its humid here, and especially on wet days, its yucky - our neighbors must hate us.: Please - anybody know how to repair the damage? We have roses, but I can't smell them! Cedar chips? Ideas? Thanks!
Very cool! I love that book.
daylilly - Have to say, I didn't read the whole book, but I hate it! It really frustrated me because it had this kind of cool sounding title, and then the stuff in it is all so bad! I know a lot of moms must read it and just believe all that stuff is the way it should be done. It feels like a total backslide from the progress that I think AP parenting and natural birthing has been making in recent years. Off subject, has anyone read "Breeder"? Thats the true...
saige - You don't have to have a GED to homeschool your kids in most states - I don't know what the laws are in Canada though. You certainly don't NEED a GED to homeschool, but laws are laws I guess. I've finished, over the years, about 2 yrs. of college I think. My youngest is 1 yr. old now, and was just weaned, and I'm definitely thinking of taking a class in the spring. I will probably only take one at a time, due to finances, 3 little ones, and my dh's work...
Daylilly, and other youngish moms - I feel the same way!! I got pregnant with my first at 21 - I'm 28 now w/2 more - and it just feels sometimes like I'm in a parallel universe or something. People my age in this city all seem to be working, partying, going to grad school, etc. All the moms I meet who are AP and have kids are quite a bit older, and most of them are even just starting families! I have a pretty easy time meeting moms whose parenting styles and values...
I'm 28 now. I was 21 with my first, then 25, then 27. I'm glad I had my kids young, I wanted to - I was a pretty wild teenager, so it wasn't like I hadn't had more than my share of parties and craziness, even went to Europe 3 times before I got pregnant, so I did some traveling, too. The main thing that I find hard now is that here on the east coast I don't have any friends my age who have kids. All the moms I know here are around 33 to 36, and most have...
www.selectseeds.com www.gracefulgardens.com www.pickeringnurseries.com (roses) These are just a few of my favorite gardening catalogs.
I'm not sure which book you can find it in, but I was under the impression that Holt's feelings on learning math were similar to his feelings on learning anything - that kids will learn it best by meeting it in daily life. I know he thought letting kids take part in balancing the family budget was one really great way to learn math, as well as fractions in cooking, etc. etc.
I've got one - its on the right side of my stomach, and I got it when I was 19, in Amsterdam - so it has lots of fun memories for me. Its one of the elves out of Brian Froud's "Fairies" book - about the size of my palm. I definitely contemplate getting another some day, hasn't been a priority though.
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