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This post is here, and not in parenting, because the real title should be 'help me to keep homeschooling my daughter and not send her back to public school.'    My oldest daughter is eight, will be nine in April.  This is our second year homeschooling.  In first grade her school experience went from ok to horrible.  Her separation anxiety went through the roof.  She worried and obsessed over every little thing.  Spelling tests on Friday had her in knots the whole week. ...
Have you tried 'How to Talk So Kids Will Listen'?  The series like 'Your Five-Year-Old' are also good.
My 1st-grader liked the appeal of school at first.  It looks like she'll be home next year.  :)
here's another: http://www.inkmesh.com/
zoodles.com  :)
It's for grades K-12. They're very good at tagging things with the right grade level so you get just what you're looking for. You can search "Abraham Lincoln" for grades 3-5 and come up with several videos, games, and articles, for example. You can search by math concepts, too. If you just want to browse you can choose from six different subject headings. They have lots of games from iknowthat.com, so we're not paying for two separate memberships. I have two kids...
We like http://www.cosmeo.com/ It's $10 a month.
We watched "Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That" on Instant Queue today.
Quote: Originally Posted by elizawill looks good! never seen it before. thanks!! Ditto!
Quote: Originally Posted by cheery It calls itself a homework-helper site. Do you "assign" work and let them use the site for help. Or do they use it on their own, without any directions from you? I signed up for this after reading this thread. There trial period is 30 days without billing. They can use it either on their own or with you. Mine like to click through interesting subjects and find games/videos. I can also search for a...
New Posts  All Forums: