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I have twins -- one is quite sharp and the other is traditionally "gifted" (though I dislike the word.)  They have both been in Waldorf pre-k, Kindergarden and now, 1st Grade.  My son has taught himself to read (at least at a 6th grade level I'm guessing), but I don't think either of them have ever been bored.  I was really worried about it, because they have both had a strong interest in letters, numbers, etc. before and during Kindergarden, but it has never been a...
It's been suggested that my 7yo ds undertake a series of sessions of Interactive Metronome (related to his Sensory Integration Disorder issues).   Anyone have experience with this?  Did you and/or your child find it worthwhile?   Thanks!
Hi all,    I'm hosting an informational meeting in my home in Royal Oak on Thursday, March 31st from 7-9 pm for any parents/caregivers interested in the pre-k through 8th grade programs at Detroit Waldorf School.   Please message me for more information/details and I can email you a flyer :)  
I too read all of the criticism stuff on-line before my kids started in a Waldorf school.  Maybe it depends on the school, but I have NEVER had any of these bizarre experiences people discuss on-line.  Our school is welcoming, diverse, open-minded and offers a wonderful environment for my kids' social, emotional and intellectual development.   My advice is to spend as much time as possible in the school you are considering - parent-tot classes, public programs,...
What Melaniee said. It's not too early to meet with the Enrollment Director at your local school to get the "lay of the land". Schools' abilities to provide assistance vary tremendously.
Many/most Waldorf schools have parent/tot programs that you can attend with your child. I think they give you a pretty good opportunity to check out your local school for yourself. While all Waldorf schools share ideology in common, my opinion is that they all have a different "flavor" that may or may not agree with you. Best of luck (its been a wonderful path for my children and our family as a whole).
My ob told me it's b/c obs are no longer trained in med school for breech deliveries. She would do a breech delivery for twin B, but preferred that A present head-down. She said only one other "old school" doctor in her practice would do a breech delivery anymore, even for singletons. As it was, I ended up with a c-section because both mine were breech (A was footling and B was complete breech, sorta sideways with her head under A's) and all the cord was down by my...
I think it's so personal and individual it's hard to say based on others' experiences. I went on a short flight/ four day trip with my husband when I was 18 or 19 weeks, and it was fine. I couldn't walk as fast as usual or stand for long periods, that's all. But by 22 weeks it would have been a different story. (Even though I carried to 39 weeks with no bed rest, I had to take it REALLY easy during the second half of the pregnancy, stop working, etc.) Going on a...
I can only speak for our school, but honestly, I have no idea why your husband's career choice would affect a financial aid decision. It's based on a family's ability to pay. Period.
Many Waldorf schools have their tuition rates posted on-line, so it should be possible to get some comparison rates with a little web searching. Also, many have tuition assistance programs. Here (Michigan), Waldorf is middle of the road (not as inexpensive as some parochial schools, but much less expensive than the high-end schools.)
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