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Quote: Originally Posted by cinnamonamon When you tip with cash, the server decides how much to claim for taxes...if you tip with a credit card there is a record of it & the restaurant automatically claims that for you. Yeah, that.
No, I have a big bowl hidden in the closet which we have forgotten about! Of course, all the chocolate has been eaten.
My 7yo DD got one in June and plays with it every day. It goes everywhere with her. The outfits are expensive, so I trade for them or get preemie clothes at the thrift. My 5yo DS wanted one - he played with it that day, and that was it. I think it depends on the child.
It's totally unselfish. Go for it! It's also Christian to adopt, God "gives you" babies that way too.
Nope, not me. But I love the poll results. Reminding people to put you on ignore, and who the **** are you anyway, LOL.
In Florida, they can't take your house if it is homesteaded, so the widow would get to keep the house. Any joint debts would also be the widow's responsibility. My Dad passed away in August. My parents owned property in Georgia - OK, Georgia Power owns all the land and leases it to people, and the lease was in my Dad's name. Luckily my Mom had my Dad sign a will transferring the lease to her - yet Georgia is still making us kids all "OK" this transfer. Very wierd. Each...
Wow. My eyes may spin in my head as I do my best to keep track of my kids, but they are FAST and occasionally get out of my eyesight. Even *when* they were toddlers and walking at 8 months. Especially when DD was a toddler, and I was hugely preggo with DS, it wasn't like I could sprint after her. And if she ran off from me and a nice person brought her back, or held her while I caught up to her, I would most certainly say 'thank you'.
Ugh. I had a Code Adam called on my DS when he was 3 - in Sam's Club of all places. That place is HUGE! The employees were really great and found my DS hiding, and I got a few grey hairs that day. Melanie
What about Yahoo? They have free albums. I don't know if efoto charges. I think there are a few more places out there. I use picturetrail and I guess I'm used to it, I've been there for years, LOL.
How funny. I wonder if it will change back to the regular color, since they say it's from the placenta.
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