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I would agree with the PP to try and have more special time. Every day if you can, even if it is just five or 10 minutes a day. That way it becomes a regular part of his routine. I would also agree with looking into PTSD. As a therapist myself I would also say that kids can often hold it together at school, and then melt down at home. You guys are the people he feels safest with to let those feelings out. Good luck!
My son did TL, and it really helped him at the time. The music varied from kids songs, to classical, to some jazzy sounding stuff. It all sounded a little "off" in regards to pitches and tones. My ds did not seem to mind though. Good luck!
I'd go for an evaluation somewhere else. Pediatricians aren't really experts on matters such as SPD usually. Try a Psychologist or developmental pediatrician, or even an OT that might specialize in SPD. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by LynnS6 There are some Peltor Kid's ear muffs that sell for about $15-$20. I don't think that they are noise canceling, but they allow some sound through. I know people who've used them in various situations (one with an SPD child and one who flies a light airplane and wants to protect her child's hearing). Ah, here's a link: http://www.envirosafetyproducts.com/...-earmuffs.html There's a junior version for slightly...
Gerber training pants! http://www.amazon.com/Gerber-Trainin.../dp/B000UCP1IO Wearing underwear was what stopped my sensory son from wanting to potty train at three. These totally did the trick, and have lasted forever. I could pass them down to my daughter they held up so well. They are not so thick as to really seem like the typical training pant. Good luck!
My 6 year old got a SPD diagnosis at 4 and Aspergers at almost 6. Like you said I kept thinking there was something else going on. I pursued it more for school reasons, but I have also just had a sense of emotional relief in a way since we received the diagnosis. I've stopped wondering and analyzing his behavior as much. I have stopped always wondering what if. In other words it has helped me in some weird way. The evaluation we went through was pretty painless, so I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Linda on the move I hadn't though social services = social workers. I love the social worker through the school. She's awesome! I really don't know how DD would have gotten throught the past year without her. LOL, I don't either, but I thought maybe that is what the original poster might be thinking. Sometimes everything with the word social in front of it gets lumped into one bundle. Usually the they are going to...
Social Services does not automatically mean child welfare. Social Workers and such do a lot of different things. Good things! Of course I may be biased since I am a social worker. I would assume it would be to help you find resources/support like everyone else stated! I would not worry about your house unless it was a safety/health hazard.
I don't know if you can find this in your area, but my OT knew of someone who came to your home to cut sensory kiddos hair. She had a child with SPD herself, and knew how hard it could be. It went way better than when I had tried to do it myself in the past. After that one cut at home he was able to venture out into a salon. Good luck, we had a lot of difficulty with that. I luckily had a curly headed boy too who looked cute with long hair.Now at six he wants his hair...
My dd has been on bactrim since birth almost for high grade reflux. I have not noticed the sun issue.
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