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The most important things to me in terms of cleaning and tidying are #1. My bedroom. I am not at ease when my bedroom is a mess. I try always to make my bed and keep the laundry tidy. A pile of dirty laundry is much better gathered in one basket than scattered on the floor. And I really could care less about the kids' rooms if my room is in order. Thats the room i live in. #2. I do the dishes every day, either in the morning when I get up, or at night before bed. Now I...
Also TTC, I think Adina was talking more about debating abortion, not mentioning it as an option..They mods want us to stay on topic with the OP, not start debating whether she should or should not have an abortion. The support is the important thing here..OP, good luck to you. You are in a difficult spot and I hope you find peace and healing, whatever you may choose.
I went to the Salvation Army today and bought about $55 dollars worth of clothes(about 15 shirts, 5 skirts and a pair of Levis). Two of the skirts and a good handful of the shirts are for my daughters, but i did get a bunch for me too. I gained some weight and while I still love my body, my clothes not so much, so I am hoping this shopping trip will be a success and help raise my self esteem a bit..clothes are important to me! Also, I need a few things for under the tree...
Wow! Good job Mamayogibear!!! That took so much courage but u did what you had to do! I hope you find some help for your dog...Im so happy for you and your little ones. Good luck with whatever comes next.
Just finished watching season 3..cannot believe how it ended. Def an awesome cliffhanger! Can't wait to start season four..LOVE this show!!!
I took my two daughters on the bus (two busses actually, lol!) to the dentist so that the older one could have a bad tooth removed. Bought groceries at the co-op, then lugged them to the bus (the girls helped..its really difficult to ONLY buy groceries you can carry, esp at the co-op!) Took the girls and groceries to the cafe where i work and left them (my mom works there too..she kept an eye on them!) and walked to the pharmacy, bank, and library to drop off movies and...
Whoa, this is me! I feel like things are changing at lightspeed and have been for a long time..im constantly trying to adjust and losing myself in the process. Don't really have any advice or answers, but just wanted to say that I relate.I'll be watching this thread for others' input..
I love the positivity of this thread! Good for you:-) I'm not pregnant..I have three kids from the same dad, who I was in a relationship with for a long time. My third was conceived after we 'broke up' , but were still living together for lack of an alternative. I'm so glad I have her. She is a joy, as are the other other two:-D! 
Ummm, I think we could work that out,lol! I am at the other end of the equation here, and our very first thought was 'What could go wrong. lol?!' We will definitely keep you updated on our adventure! Thanks for all the replies:-D
Hey! Single mother to three here, not actively dating..think I need a little break to get my ducks in a row, but always keeping my eyes open 'just in case'. It has been quiet in here lately, lol, so I thought I'd chime in;-)
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