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Alright so, long story short...I happily breastfed my DD for 27 months and it was SUCH a joy. I gave birth to my third child on June 11 (he will be 6 weeks old on Friday). Well, around 2 and a half weeks PP I was having terrible panic attacks/depression and put on Effexor and Valium and told I needed to quit BF immediately. I was so anxious and depressed I went out and put my son on formula that day. Before then he was the happiest baby, so content, so peaceful...now he is...
June 11th 12:30pm Maylea_Moon (Alia) Edd was originally July 1 Rhys David, Boy 37w2d 6lbs 2oz, 20in apgars 8 and 9, vaginal birth
thanks so much everyone! i've been doing a lot of research on it and circing for his mild hypospadias really is still just for cosmetic reasons. i will let him decide when he is an adult whether he wants the surgery or not. brant31 - thanks so much for sharing your story!
June 11 Maylea_Moon - Rhys David, 6 lb 2 oz, 20 in 37 wks 2 days
My son was born 4 days with a very mild form of Hypospadias (glanular). Pediatrician says he will need to be circ'd around 6 months in order to repair it? He says that if it's not repaired (they do use general anesthesia and some of the foreskin to repair it) then he could end up with infertility issues... i'm torn and confused, anyone have a son with hypospadias that they DIDN'T have to circ?
i want in! and i have a FB so i like that idea
omg, you sound SO MUCH like me. i also have a 5 year old and a 2 year old and this pregnancy was very much unplanned. only it's my dad that was always freaking out about me getting pregnant again. every few months since i had my daughter he'd ask, "you're not pregnant are you?" and get concerned. i know it's just because he loves me and he only had 2 children and is set in his ideals (i was raised by him). anyway, when i told him it was HARD and he sounded a little...
i was on paxil until i found out i was pregnant and then my dr promptly switched me to prozac without any problems (for me anyway). i'm in the "my depression and anxiety is way worse for the baby than being on my meds" boat. the same thing happened with my other 2 kids and they are perfect and happy and healthy. do what feels right. having an anxious/depressed momma isn't good for the baby, do what YOU feel is best.
I'm not. I don't see the point unless you think you're miscarrying. I don't think it's routine. This is my 3rd baby and i've never had beta tests.
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