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I agree w/the pp, get a dx. Dx opens doors, it gets things paid for. It might not be ideal for your family, but it's practical when it comes to finance. Sometimes you've just gotta play the game, unfortunately. I think there is a special place in hell for insurance companies. :
Try to intersperse that coffee with water and fresh fruit, which helps keep you awake without all that nasty shaking and hung over feeling. At least, that's what it does for me. I hope you keep infection at bay and thwart another visit to the hospital. That's the most important thing.
He has good periods of being alert, but he's still pretty much sleeping and eating for about 18 hours a day or so. My first child is 4 ys. old, and I wasn't focused on the "normal" stuff with him when he was an infant, because I was so crazed with sleep deprivation from colic. : So I have no clue when he became more alert. Yes, I'm a bad mommy. : ETA: I realize that 4 weeks is also growth spurt time, so he's probably sleeping more due to that right now as well,...
For the life of me, I cannot remember. : Just wanting to know when ds2 will be less of a sleepy newborn and start to wake up a little bit. He was 4 weeks old yesterday.
Ah yup. BTDT. You spend so long teaching them to "use their words," but one fine day, it jumps up and bites you in the butt. When that happens to me, I let one thought pass through my head....there was a day when I used to wonder, honestly, if I would ever hear my ds speak actual words to me. I used to try to imagine what his voice would sound like when it was speaking actual words. Remembering that helps when all I'm thinking is "how much can I get if I sell him on...
Now that is darned creative. Wow. I'm impressed. I'm going to try the u-nest first, if that doesn't work, I'm totally stealing your ggma's plans. Tell her I said 2 thumbs up for innovation!!
Quote: Originally Posted by MySunflowerBoys Finch, he is beyond adorable!! Thanks for sharing the photo! And Sean says "pat pat pat, pat pat pat, pat pat pat.... BLAST OFF!" in honor of Lil Finch's bday! LOL..that was his cake last year. Those pictures are of the "test" cake I made to make sure I could actually pull it off. The "final" cake was pretty darned spiffy, if I do say so myself. : Ah, I can't believe that 4 years ago, my big boy...
Aw, thanks y'all. : 4 years ago today, right at this time, I was laying on the OR table, snoring, while the docs closed my incision. I woke up when they started chuckling at me snoring. : Yeah, I think he's pretty adorable. But then I'm really biased. LOL. We took him to the park today to run around and look at the ducks. He's had a good day, his cake is in the oven right now.
How did it go?
I will let you all actually see what he looks like...for 24 hours. Then the pics are coming DOWN. 4 years ago today, I was 4 hours away from becoming a mom for the first time. Here's my baby, playing in the snow last week:
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