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Jamie Lynn Spears. I'd love a young mama to get some good guidance.
Quote: Originally Posted by SeaDoula It has taken me some maturing and really looking at what is important...as a doula and a woman to realize that an epidural is not evil. I think it is unfortunate that so many women walk in and demand it, and that labor & birth is surrounded by so much fear and thought of only as painful... BUT...when a woman has been laboring for quite some time and needs a rest it is far more important that mom not over exhaust...
Quote: Originally Posted by kchoffmann And remember that those hormones are definitely contributing to your feelings right now too. You guys are so awesome. I'm all teary. Thank you all so much, your words really do help.
I'm having my baby tomorrow (planned c/s). I have been having panic attacks all week in the middle of the night. I have HUGE anxiety over this, and HUGE guilt, of course . Just pray/light a candle/whatever that ds handles this humongous transition as well as he can, and that I handle this huge transition as well as I can. Ds has been my only baby for almost 4 years now, he and I are sooooooooo attached to eachother, I just cannot wrap my head around another child...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kitsune6 I'd like a Jack and Sayid sandwich please : : Get in line, missy.
I took the plunge with the razor today and managed to not cut myself. Phew. I was probably a little extra careful because of this thread, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by zenma i'll be happy when i have a big, huge postpartum pee, followed up by lots of sweating and overall getting rid of all this freaking fluid. fluid be gone!! Oh man, I cannot WAIT for that. Last time I dropped 40lb. in 10 days postpartum (only gained 19 during the pregnancy...), and it was aaaaaaaaaaaaalll fluid. I so look forward to that massive diuresis again. Ahhhh. And I totally know what you mean about the...
Congratulations!! I hope your baby comes home soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by strathconamama There are size 7 Pampers available?!?!?!?! For the love of diapers (and clean sheets) how on earth did I not know this. I so have to go hit the Pampers website and find a retailer up here. I have been shoving his old cloth doublers/inserts into his disposables out of desperation for months now. Yes ma'am. You can buy them at Target here in the states, but I dunno about Canada. Do y'all have Target...
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