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Definitely get "Welcome with Love". We read that a lot before each homebirth. It helped my boys understand the upcoming birth. I liked how the book handled the labor and that I would be in pain and make noise. We also watched a number of videos some that were "produced" and some more real-time, though you'll have to judge where your son is as far as readiness. It's a matter of getting him excited as well as prepared.    One of the sweetest memories I have of my...
I just found out that I have gallstones and have been having attacks every couple of days. The pain is totally incapacitating and sometimes worse that labor. To minimize that I have had to change my diet very significantly in a matter of days -- tea, a few vegetables, some quinoa -- which, while we ate organic, pasture-raised, no processed food included wheat, dairy, eggs, meat etc. DD is almost one and her stomach seems to be bothering her a bit, though she is also...
Well, my water just broke. No contractions though. I'm now trying to relax and get a good night's rest before I call the midwife and family. Part of me wants to tell EVERYONE! and yet I know it can still be a long haul.
Today is my due date (and my birthday). I'm actually feeling better than I did a week ago, but I'm also tired of everyone asking when it is coming. If I could predict that I'd be a very rich woman. No, I'm not carrying twins, nor am I "huge" as the baby is measuring exactly along with it's age, yes I can still get around a bit. I'm sure I'm missing some of the other silly comments.   Now, I'm trying to just enjoy my last few days of being pregnant (this is #3 and our...
I'm 38 weeks with #3 and was quite anxious during my first trimester. What I realized was that this was the last time I was going to be pregnant. If I lost the baby we wouldn't try again, especially since we weren't really trying when I got pregnant this time. Your anxiety might be coming from a completely different source, but try to relax, spend time figuring out what's at the heart of it, and let go of expectations.
With my first 2, they had dropped by 34 weeks. #3 is just starting to drop and I'm beginning to feel mild early labor signs. Each is different yet, we are "supposed to know what to do", which doesn't help with the staying calm. The main thing I'm doing is trying to stay as busy as I have energy for (and not just nesting). With #2 I was on "baby watch" for weeks and didn't schedule a lot of social plans. This time, we are spending as much time with friends as we can. They...
DH did the encapsulation of the placenta after DS#2. We researched how to do it and it was easy enough for him that he's going to do it again for #3. The tincture option is intriguing, though. I'm going to research it a bit.
My midwife recommends taking probiotics. In her practice the moms who take probiotics leading up to the test have all tested negative for GBS. It's a good thing for us and much easier than antibiotics.
Keep us posted.
I didn't get added it seems.   Due December 18, age:38, #3, homebirth   Thanks.
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