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I'm in the same boat. Just found out we're expecting #3. I just lost a good amount of the weight I gained with the first 2, got rid of my plantar facitis, and was beginning to feel like I could do things independently. Not sure how we're going to tell the boys or any of a dozen different issues. While not planned we're happy just a little surprised.   We'll all make it through. I know I just need some time to let it settle in.
I suffered with SPD during both pregnancies. In the first I didn't know what it was and it took months after delivery to recover. With #2 I saw my chiropractor throughout the pregnancy but I still ended up on bedrest for the last trimester.  My rec is to find a chiropractor who is experienced with pregnant women and this condition specifically, squeeze your knees together regularly, and then develop a workout schedule to try to keep your muscles strong.
DH did all the work for me. In retrospect we should have gotten the encapulator since using a funnel took more time. The hardest part was the strong smell in the house postpartum since I was still sensitive to smells. It really isn't hard, but be honest with yourself about if you'll have help and want to spend the time.
I drank A LOT of nettles tea during pregnancy and nursing and by the end could barely stmach the taste. Then I discovered that you can do a cold infusion -- put your nettles in a jar with cold water and let it stand over night. It doesn't get the strong taste and mixed with mint, a little licorice root, etc makes a tastey tea that my kids will drink.
I just saw this new website posted www.betterbirthbayarea.com. Here's the description: "Please look at this new birthing information website for the Bay Area! It has easy to read info on doulas, childbirth education, where you can have your baby, fitness and alternative therapies." It might help you find what you're looking for.
It can be really tough with a child this age who is acting aggressively. Then you add in the pressure that you feel from your childhood, which I'm sure compounds your frustration. DS2 bit a lot at that age and I was at a loss despite well meaning suggestions from friends. All of the ideas seemed to be "prevent the situation" (duh). I did find Hand in Hand parenting online (http://www.handinhandparenting.org/articles.html) and they have articles that really helped. ...
I'm working on this every day. DS1 is getting really frustrated and acts out with his brother. Now it feels like we're all caught in a cycle of anger and frustration that just feeds on itself. I try so hard to get through each day and yet each slip up seems to set us back days. So, for now I'll just try repeating the mantra.
DS weaned himself about this time in my pregnancy with DS2. Partly he wasn't getting much milk so the "milkies are broken" will porbably be convincing to your son. Also, the milk started tasting strange to him. He knew I was pregnant and we talked about how mama's body was also taking care of the new baby. I was preparing to tandem nurse and finished reading "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" right before he decided to stop nursing -- who knows it might work for you. DH...
Quote: Originally Posted by noobmom Wow, I'm surprised. DS's Bruder trucks are working great, although he's only had them for 2 days now. I was just telling DH I was impressed with how sturdy they are. I'd call the company and see what they say. Nothing broken here yet, but DH has already started stepping on Legos. The core of the trucks are fine it's the little pieces that come off of them like the fire hose, the side mirrors, the random...
This thread interested me as I feel like I could have written so much of it about DS1. Add on top of that he doesn't sleep well and often comes into our bed in the night. So, I was wondering if anyone had any updates or perspective now that it is 6 months later.
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