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I don't know anything about specific preschools as I'm in the East Bay. The Savvy Source is quite comprehensive and a good place to start. The SF Waldorf school does have a great program and there is also a Waldorf co-op. Good luck.
DS2 seems to be stuck on East Coast time even though we haven't been there for 3 weeks. Every morning he's up at 4 wanting to nurse. if I don't nurse him (since it's not morning and he's supposedly night weaned) he'll scream in DH's arms indefinitely. If I do, he'll rest until 5 or 5:30 and then is up. Bedtime doesn't change this -- go to bed at 6:30 up at 4, go to bed at 9 up at 4. I don't know what to do. I'm not a happy mom waking up at 4, dh is wearing out, and...
I've only found the storynory podcasts too. A recommendation for a story teller to look for is Jim Weiss. He has everything from goodnight stories to fables, history, and Shakespeare. I was also given a recording of Boris Karloff reading Just So Stories and they are a huge hit with my 4 yo.
I'm so glad I found this thread. I've been trying to figure out how to improve our site and mvoing our self-hosted blog onto a bloggin site. It's good to hear that there is a good reason not to do so as I have been a bit frustrated with our website designer. Still, I don't have the tagging, search options, and other features that you get. Has anyone gotten results from commenting on other blogs? That's been recommended to me, but I just don't really know where to...
I don't even know where this best belongs -- Breasfeeding beyond infancy, toddler, or here -- but DS2 has started waking up between 3 and 5 and crying inconsolably becasue he wants to nurse. I nurse him before bed and have thought about trying to give him heavier food before bed in case it's hunger. We night weaned him 6 months ago for my health (it happened with both boys that I got really sick around the same time when still nursing at night). Now no one is getting a...
We used his method for both boys and it worked well. ds1 we did it around 12 months and for ds2 around 15 months (each time I got sick while nursing on demand and the night weaning let me get enough rest to continue nursing). DH walked and rocked each of them through the tears. DS2 has been a lot harder to wean (we've been going through a tough spell now). good luck
I'm in Berkeley most of the year and coastal Sonoma in the summer.
It's actually close to an addiction for me. I've considering getting a job there so at leat the cash flow would even out. I think they are struggling though with the down economy and tight credit as the shelves have been a bit empty.
I have a similr knitting nancy that I have used with my son. He can't wrap and hold the yarn yet, but does use the needle to pull the loops off the pegs. He has also started finger knitting. I have a friend who started knitting when she was 4 and was teaching him this past summer. His teacher now thinks that it is too early and finger knitting is better at this stage. Ultimately, whatever is the most compelling to your child.
I've also used a towel folded up and cut up an old foam mattress. The only thing was to make sure that the foam didn't start breaking down and leaving little pieces.
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