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JustMama, i'm with you on making huge $ transactions at work and wearing cheap stuff, lol. I feel so silly sometimes ringing up merchandise and boat rentals, the average total more than a week's pay! It's shocking how easily people throw money away. Glad they do though. Keeps me employed.
UGH, freeloading relatives. Gotta love em. ...or do we...?
sounds like i would have been a dependant for 8 years then; i made absolutely $0 when i stayed home with the kids :\
I thought adults (without disabilities that prevent working) couldn't be counted as depemdants? Or is that only if you're married? So confusing!
Dogs make everything better! We have a rescued pit bull named Atticus. I didn't want a dog when we got him (husband's idea!) but i can hardly imagine not waking up every morning with warm feet, and swamp breath in my face
Visted relatives in the area over the weekend (it had been over a year since we'd been there before that) and i am completely overwhelmed!! Everyone has a house for sale, of course, and they're all asking 'only' around $150,000. My current house cost us $65,000 so i think we're out of our league in any of our relatives' neighborhoods! And one cousin told us he had a lot of trouble getting permits for basic improvements (in Fenton), so that worries me too. Not that i...
it does help, thank you! Though we live in a small town, i grew up a whole 10 minutes away, so the locals treat us like complete 'foreigners.' That part, i'm already used to at least! Can you tell me more about the schools? The opinion among my husband's relatives is that unless you're out in the county, they're worthless. But they all did private school, so how would they know? Also, they're all pretty racist :\ That's probably their biggest issue.
pretty sure 98% of a FS caseworker's job description is 'frustrate people so much they give up.' We got $X when i stayed home and my husband worked full-time. When i started working (only 400 hours/year!) we got 1/2 $X. Okay, whatever, i'm sure it's a complicated formula. But when i couldn't get any more work (from my STATE job, no less) they told us we would lose ALL benefits because i was working
Well this isn't too promising!  I would take a 'no comment' or a 'sorry, you're going to hate it here' from anyone that lives in the city; it would be nice to know there are at least some people from the boards nearby.
Good news/bad news kind of week here.   The bad news first: my husband's job is screwing him around big time.  When ownership of the resort switched over, he was told there were no worries for 90 days, schedule and pay would stay the same, and might even get better after that if everyone was pulling their weight (he more than does so).  But less than 48 hours later, he was told nevermind, they were getting rid of the night shift (which is him and him alone)...
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