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Any one else experience anything similiar?
Okay, thanks, I will probably do that then. Thanks for your help! Quote: Originally Posted by babygrant Hmm....any other symptoms other than the congestion or mucous? Personally, I don't find it hard to avoid soy when your already avoiding dairy, so I'd probably go off of it for a month, then retry it and see what happens.
Quote: Originally Posted by babygrant I guess slight congestion could cause mucous in the stool, but personally I would be more likely to look at the allergy causing the congestion AND the mucous. Does babe have any other symptoms of a cold or is it the congestion you are wondering about? Thanks for your help! No other symptoms but I have a slight cold so I thought that maybe that was what she had. Any thoughts? Thanks!
Thanks for the suggestions! So, slight congestion won't cause mucous in the stools? The mucous represents an allergy, correct? Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by babygrant If I were you I would cut out the soy. A significant percent of babies who react to dairy also react to soy because the proteins are so similar. Drink almond, rice, hemp, oat, etc milk instead
Thanks so much for your help!!!
So yours had the bark too and you put the beeswax on it and it made it smooth and not messy? Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by counterGOPI use beeswax we just made some forr our dd.
Thanks for your help!!!!
I would love to hear some opinions on it, please! Thanks! Andrea
Thanks for all the advice!
Thanks for all of your help and advice. I think I am going to try Toms of Maine silly strawberry toothpaste and California baby sunscreen. I hope we end up liking them! Thanks again!
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