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I think my doctor told me to wait until 6 weeks at least and to follow my body at that point. It is something to do with your uterus shrinking back to size. Good luck!!
What a great recipe! I can't wait to try it! Thanks for posting it!
You moms are awesome!! Thanks for making me feel so welcome!!
Welcome, Sarah!! I am sure you will love it here!
Welcome!! That is neat about your face products you make! Do you have a book that you follow??
Wow! It sounds like you are very organized!! How does one go about finding a co-op in your area? Quote: Originally Posted by imma2six Even though we're on a tight budget, I won't compromise on certain things. I buy about 75--90% organic produce, I use bulk foods from the health coop where I live and I buy mainly what grocery items are on sale there each month for cereals, dairy, crackers, bread. I joined and work at this coop which saves me 1/4 of...
Welcome!! Happy trying
Thanks for starting this post!! Great ideas!!
Any good homemade soup recipes and crockpot recipes? My kids aren't big vegetable eaters either so the recipes can't be vegetarian ones Thanks!!!
Me, me! I wish there was some kind of food co-op in my area for organic food...or at least health type of food.
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