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Nice to see you here!!
Welcome...and good luck with school
Awesome!! You are the closest so far What do you do now that you don't CD?? I feel like I am always building and changing my stash, lol! Quote: Originally Posted by Sneezykids Hi and Welcome! I'm in north Oakland county, near Clarkston.... Both my kids were cd'ed
Hi there!!! I am new to but wanted to say congratulations on your little one and that I loved your phrase "earthy-crunchy-tree-hugging-freak". Thanks for the laugh!! Andrea
Sorry to be so ignorant but how would I do that??? I would love to check it out though. Thanks so much! Quote: Originally Posted by Quirky Welcome to MDC! You should also check out the Finding Your Tribe board sub-forum for Michigan - you may find some great mamas in your neck of the woods!
Thanks so much!! I really appreciate your help! Quote: Originally Posted by aisling How cool that you've already found some people in your area! I hope you enjoy your time here... This thread should answer your questions about the Trading Post. http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=321391:
Hi!! What city or county are you in?? I see that you have a lot of posts. I have heard about a for sale site for diapers on here but that you have to have so many posts. Do you know anything about that? Quote: Originally Posted by Daisie125 Yep! I'm in MI, southern downriver
I am near Brighton how close are you??
I have seen some CD advertisements in magazines!!! I used to clip them and put them up on the fridge but dd's pictures overtook them!!
Hi! I am new here. I have heard a ton of good things so I thought I would see what was going on I have two girls under 4 and stay at home with them. Are there any other mom's from Michigan that cloth diaper? Andrea
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