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All the cool kids joined in '05.
Such an exciting adventure!!  :)  I moved when I was pregnant with my first when I was 36 weeks along.  We did a self move from FL to GA.  We moved to the city in my state that has the ONLY FSBC.  It was a true blessing.  :)  I'm betting you'll have more options than I did tho.  ;)  Tapping into LLL was vital for me.  My MW really pushed me to go to my first meeting (I wanted to go, but he was born the evening of their monthly meeting!  so I had to wait a whole month to...
Just coming back to this ancient thread.  :)   Hoping everyone passed!!!  :)
Oh, I lived in Savannah for a year before moving to ATL.  I loved our time there.  :)  I hope you find your niche!  (The local LLL group was fantastic back in 2005-2006, I'm still friends with a couple of the Leaders).  :)   We lived in Georgetown (actually, we still have the house as a rental).  We liked our area.  Super close to the malls/shopping/Publix.  I loved Brighter Day.  I loved Forsyth Park (we did a weekly playgroup there).    Anyway, I hope you have...
I'm in Atlanta but I can't take that workshop.  I will be at the NWGA BFC Conference on March 30th tho... anyone else?  You get 6 ed hours there.  Diana West is the speaker.  :)   I joined the FB group too!  :)  I'm stoked to be sitting for the exam much earlier than I thought I could!!!  :)
I'm planning my second HypnoBabies Birth! My first son was a NCB at a FSBC. It was painful. My second son was born at home. Pain free! I'm hoping and praying for an even more beautiful birth this time. I really like the HypnoBabies course.
I'm a weirdo. I FULLY cared about the naked thing. I stayed as covered as possible for both of my other births. I had a friend make me a birth skirt (Binsi inspired, sort of) and plan on wearing my go-to tankini top with it. I hate being naked in front of anyone but DH. I said before, I'm weird tho.
I have one from my previous two pregnancies and we'll do one for this one too. My SIL painted my first one... I need to ask her to do these two too!!
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