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Ty ladies! Jen I didn't know you were in WB, how did you end up there? And look at you, a midwife now! (I was seeing D when you worked under her)
I am moving to WB in a few weeks...and I know NO one there. Just wanted to know if there are any playgroups/moms groups who are more on the natural living side like myself. If any mamas are from that area I'd love any advice/help you could give me about this area!
Quote: Originally Posted by bettymamma Your baby should be seen by someone the first week you are home regardless of vaccines or no vaccines....absolutely! . why? Our mw checks the baby after they are born, or if you give birth in a hospital, they check the baby before you leave. There is no rush for an appt after that, unless you feel something is wrong....and a mama can usually tell. Take it easy, there is no rush. The pku test...
due 8/18 or 8/21. not really in much of a hurry to have her yet, it is MUCH easier to take care of her on the inside!
walk walk walk! seriously, it can help bring the baby down and bring on full blown labor. Good luck! Your baby will be here soon mama :
My blood pressure was up the first half of my pregnancy...within a week of starting the brewer diet it was within normal range and stayed there. Fill up on that protein, it cant hurt!
Amelia May
isnt it crazy how fast it seems to have gone? in 7 weeks i will actually be "full term"! The time is just flying by for me. Now just to get through the hottest days of summer without hurting anyone!
just trace a cd. Its the perfect size and gives you a nice seam allowance. No pattern needed
vitamin K shot has supposedly been linked to childhood leukemia...you can google it im sure tons will come up. Oral vit k is supposed to be much safer and not contribute to jaundice.
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