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Quote: Originally Posted by anjasma It's frustrating the kind of hooch they expect parents to put on their kids these days. Good luck! Quote: Originally Posted by ilovemyavery it's rare to find something that (a) fits her well, (b) is cheap and (c) is cute. I am rather appalled by the "big girl" clothes, now that she is moving out of toddler and into girls. Even my sister, who has been the most guilty of buying her...
I believe that even the anti-rewards crusader Alfie Kohn thinks that rewards for potty going are the ont time they are acceptable. This is because they truly do get kids over a fear or something else and once that has occurred the child does not need the reward to maintain the desired result.
Okay funny story. My good friend went into her 15 year old dd's bedroom only to have her dd slam her laptop shut. "hey.you know you are supposed to show me what websites you are on Are you looking at something you know I woud not approve of?" And her dd fessed up. She had "stolen" her 4 year old sister's webinz password and was playing on it, but was embrassed to be so liking this toy.
My boss JUST knocked on my door to say "hey good job on the XXXX Brief" So 1) yes adults get praise and 2) yes it is often in the form of 'good job' and not in any way specific"
Quote: Originally Posted by ChristineIndy First off, I gotta say that you don't want to do anything that makes reading seem like a chore for kids. Establishing the habit (even with "junk") is the most important thing. That said- find out what she likes about those particular books (the fantasy aspect? the main character? something about the book's structure?) and then read it yourself, paying particular attention to the aspect she most enjoys. Then...
Mostly, we hang it on the walls of our garage. Lots of room on those big ugly walls. It makes the garage look pretty. When stuff gets too ratty, we throw it away. The best one or two per year we keep and frame.
Do you let her play on the computer at all. If you do I HIGHLY recomend WEBKINZ. www.webkinz.com (click on "Take a Tour") You get this cute little stuffed animal with a code. You go on the website, put in the code and then you give the animal a name and gender. You also get a room for the animal which you get to decorate. You have to feed and take care of the animal (bathe, pet). You play cute games to "earn" more money (not real) to buy food and clothing. Every...
Cranium Cariboo Guess Who Hiss
I have always cooked. The kitchen was a place I just had a lot of rules in place. No climbing on anything, no touching the fridge or stove, play only over "there" with your blocks. I guess I am lucky. My kids were mostly compliant. If they strayed in the begining I would just move them with a "no toucing anything here, you could get hurt". For us, it worked and worked well. Around age 5 0r 6 I'd have them help with very simple tasks like pulling the strings off...
Quote: Originally Posted by L&IsMama Sorry, but I can't find humour in "Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about". Okay, but "No texting at the table" is pretty funny!
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