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Quote: Originally Posted by kathymuggle Language is a consensus that when we say "cloud" we mean "poofy thing in the sky that emits has the potenital to emit rain". Some language has its rrots in other language (particularly greek, latin, german,french) but...of course, it goes in cirlces...where did that language get the word from????: For the 7-11 set, I second Frindle or watching Akeelah and the Bee ( a little bit of adult content in the latter...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nankay Thank you for your suggestions! I feel bad when she comes out of her room with something unacceptable and asks, "Why can't I wear this?" It's like I'm enabling another generation of kids to tease and mock someone for their outward appearances. Yet, that is the world in which we live and I as a parent have to help dd navigate those unwritten rules as much as I don't like them. I understand what you are...
Can you work out something where he can pay for a text messaging package. These packages are usually only $15 per month for unlimited texting. Is there a reason why you would NOT want to do this????
Quote: Originally Posted by Nankay Does it bother her? Well, because of her A.S she has a hard time differentiating between sincerity "Oo, nice top!", Teasing, "oo, nice top" and sarcasm: "ooo, nice top." As it is, she has a hard time understanding why some kids think shes weird. I'm just trying to lessen the opprtunities some kids have to attack. Now that we are in middle school, it is harder by far. I guess if she truly understood the consequences...
Quote: Originally Posted by mamazee Well that's the most I've done as far as getting my daughter to go someplace. I'd bribe her before I'd pick her up and force her into her car seat. I'd miss an appointment before I'd physically force her into her car seat. An appointment to pick up another one of your children? Who is waiting for you and won't consent to someone else bringing them home???
I have zero desire to live consensually with my children. The "problem" with children is that we can't do what we do with everyone else "Either come with me or I am leaving you here" or "I can not continue to live with you if you trash the house every day, and I am tired of begging, discussing etc...either do this or we need to think about a different living arrangement" The first is simply unsafe. The second comes from a different place. I expect an adult I am...
My dd's shaved this young and found that the Soliel disposables worked well. They have an easy to grip handle. I used the razor myself for about a week before giving it to them. It dulled it just ennough to prevent nicks but still worked effectively.
Here is a story about parents jailed for allowing teens to drink alcohol on their premises. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...0802795_2.html No one drove or got hurt, but the mom is still going to jail, it's so sad! Show this to your son and have a discussion about it. Perhaps it will help him realize the serious jepoardy he puts you (and himself, by not having you around) in.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharlla I have never been ta a party where the presents weren't opened at the party. It seems almost rude not to. It's only "rude" if the culture where you are dictates opening gifts. If it doesn't ...and where I live the culture is that you darn well DON'T...it would not seem rude at all.
The values seem good. Miley dresses stylishly but sweetly, not overly revealing. The "Hannah" persona wears a blonde wig and wears more "glizty" clothes, but still age appropriate.
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