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I have a theory that veggies are just not that important for kids. I don't know if it is true, and I know veggies are chock full of good nutrients. But they are not generally high in fat, not high in protein, and not high in natural sugars that help brain development. I think maybe veggies are just a better food for adults than children, and that our kids' tastebuds know it.
Quote: Originally Posted by jrose_lee What I have in the house right now is raw honey, maple syrup, stevia and rapidura. They are all natural sweeteners, but can someone tell me how good they are for you still? Should we be giving those up as well? Man, it's tough giving up grains and sugar all at once. Honey and maple syrup differ from sugar in that they are actual *foods* with nutrients in them. (I don't know anything about rapidura)....
Check out www.mamatoto.org. Wrap making is super easy! The trick is getting light, cotton fabric.
Quote: Originally Posted by animus_silvae I think in this case the sugar is naturally occurring in the sweet potatoes but I can't be sure. I am actually wondering about natural flavor, I mean, what the bleep is that? Yes, the sugar is naturally occuring, unless you see some form of sugar listed in the ingredients (and there are lots! of forms of sugar so it is possible that there is sugar). About natural flavour, I have no idea either.
Quote: Originally Posted by almasmom I understand in Canada and norway, which are lovely countries, have a great paid leave for mothers. does that assume they go back to work and paying taxes? or do they get indefinate support with no expectation of reentering the tax paying force? Here in Canada you get maternity leave for a pre-determined period of time - 50 weeks I believe it is. It is based on the work a mother does *prior* to her baby's...
Quote: Originally Posted by AdoptChina a couple questions....do you just avoid pasta all together? Personally I use kamut pasta or spaghetti squash. Add a LOT of sauce, veggies, sometimes beans, and cheese to balance it out. Quote: What about muffins? (thats one way I can sneak fruits into DS lol) There is a sugar free baking section on www.allrecipes.com, and I have found a few that call for whole grain flour and...
I'm glad you sold it. I wanna see a pic of it tho! Sounds like it is beautiful.
HK, do you have a recipe for your meatballs? I used to *love* these pre-packaged veggie meatballs, but I'm trying to eat healthier and they are super processed.
I have a lot of healthy subs for old favourites. A friend came over yesterday and made kraft dinner. Pasta was my very favourite thing to eat, and I used to LOVE mac n' cheese. It smelled so good yesterday! So I ran to the store and bought kamut pasta, cooked it up and added cheese and veggies. I'm pretty indulgent with myself in that I will find ways to satisfy any cravings with healthy no sugar equivalents.
Things I eat regularly: Eggs - my big egg love right now is scrambled eggs with salsa, mushrooms/red pepper/zucchini, and cheese. I eat 'em with slices of buttered ezekiel. I was heavy into omelettes but now I'm sick of them. Smoothies - my current fave is yogourt or kefir and coconut milk (equal parts), two bananas, 2 tbsp peanut butter, 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa - YUM!! - I make another, was my summer fave, with raw cashews, young coconut water, mango and...
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