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It was hard for me to pick only one as I fall into a few. We have a TV in our room and I might watch 1/2-1 hour a night. The girls have a TV/VCR combo in their room, that has no cable hookup, and are only allowed to watch movies (pre-screened by me). Then there is a TV downstairs that is for Videogames, but has cable hooked to it. The girls go down there to watch maybe 3 times a week for about a half hour. I do not set a time limit as they get extremely bored in no...
I have no advice just commiseration. Only my DD is 8, but same thing, same attitude, ughhhh......I feel bad because she isn't that enjoyable. So I feel ya Mama. Must be the age huh?
Dharma and Greg used to be my favorite show. I always thought she was really cool and I wanted to be like her when I grew up, thus I named myself after her. I have since tried to change my name to LineKnee as that is the phonetic proununciation of my IRL name, but I couldn't reregister! How boring eh?
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