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Day 17.  10 mg cipralex.   Nothing new to report.  Good day.  few periods of very mild nervousness (not even anxiety).  But great day all around.
Day 16.  10 mg ciparlex.   Great day!  Drive 1/2 hour on the highway to my sisters house and spent 6 hours there with her and all of the kids.  That would normally send me into complete anxiety because my youngest son and my sisters oldest fight like crazy because they are so much alike and only 5 months age difference.  But we had a great day.  I had zero anxiety.  Went out for dinner at a restraunt for my sisters birthday and then drove 1/2 hour back home on the...
Day 15.  10 mg cipralex.   Had a brief panic attack this morning.  Lasted maybe 2 minutes, then fizzled out.  Didn't leave me with any anxiety afterwards.  Had a good and productive day.  Had more energy than I've had in a LONG time.  Set up the boys trampoline in the yard, did a bunch of yard work, and just enjoyed sitting in the sunshine watching my kids bounce.  Other than the morning, no anxiety through the day.  Past few days I've had really strange moments, in...
I bought my supplements at the health food store.  All the doseages are layed out in the book.  It didn't work for me and I'm now on cipralex, but I've heard it works great for some people.
Day 14.  10 mg cipralex.   Good day.  Had a few periods of mild anxiety (upset stomach, flickers in my chest) but didn't effect my day at all.  I've noticed my mood is more stable.  Not so many mood swings.  Two weeks ago I could go from being super happy to really cranky in the snap of a finger.  
Yes, I actually feel that writing everything down is helping!  This morning I woke up and had a short panic attack and in the moment I thought in my head "I'm never going to feel better!!" then I came here and read what I've been writing and I almost instantly felt better because I realized that I've HAD good days in the past 2 weeks!  Only a few of those have been bad, so even though in the moment it feels horrible, I know it'll pass and the good days are there!!!
Day 13.  10 mg cipralex.   Good day.  Had a doctors appointment and had a little bit of mild anxiety because my doctor is so PRO-natural health that I was scared she would critisize me for going the medication route but she was great.  She is keeping me on the 10 mg cipralex for now which is ok with me.  I have an appointment in one month to go over doseage again but for now we'll just try out the 10 mg.  She's also referred  me to see a psychologist and a therapist!...
Day 12.  10 mg cipralex.   Good day.  No side effects.  Very mild anxiety when we went on an outing.  Drove 1 hour into the bush to go for a hike which would usually send me into absolute panic.  Was out and hiking for a few hours which was great!  I go to the doctor tommorow so we'll see what she says about my current dose.
Day 10 and day 11.  10 mg cipralex.   Nothing new to report.  No side effects, no anxiety, no panic attacks.  
Day 9. 10 mg cipralex.   I was still on edge today from day 8's panic attack.  It really really scared me.  :(  I had a few periods of minor anxiety, but most of the day everytime I felt a little bit of burning or if I felt something weird in my chest I got really upset thinking "oh no, here we go again".  I ended up going to bed at 9 because I just wanted the day to be over.
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