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i just lost my baby 2wks ago i was 12wks along and have been looking for any kinda of book to remind me that this happened for a reason . my heart as never been so dark . i feel so bad for foobar freind . their is nothing in this world harder then losing a child . love and light to all mommy to 4 yr old joseph & 12wk
welcome new momma !!!! congrats on your new baby ! hope to see you around love and light mommy of 4 yr old joseph and 12wk
tracey thanks for that info !!!! i will go check it out soon . i have found tons of little health food places around here ,but you no traders joe is always in my thoughts ... lol thanks again love and light
TRACEY, i love trader joe and sense we moved to the sunshine state , we know longer get to shop thier then in end in virigina state .thats as south as they go !! but aren;t they great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe some day they will come to the south . love and light:cool:
kim , i am sure they will be on video or cvd before we know it !! have a great day , love and light
my marrige is all of those things !so i can;t pick just one . we have live together 7 yrs and been married 4 in sept. we fight to keep it together at times and other times its great .... then its ok ... pretty good then we work at it again so we are always growing together,or atleast trying. i looooove my husband and i feel his love for me everyday in the moring kiss he gives me when my son and i are still sleepy and he is off to another long day at work. all my love...
: thier are two adults my 3yrold son 3dogs and 2cats ! we spend about $200.00 dollars aweek on food . the problem is we all eat differnet things iam a don,t eat meat , my son is very picky but only drinks soy milk my husband drink organic cows milk and so on thats how it works at my house . i end up cooky 3 different dinners a night !! were did i go wrong love and light Quote: don;t be afraid of being free
i hope i can help with some tools for your home montessori school . trancfering work would be for example placing nices shining rocks in a bowl with big tonge and another bowl on a very pretty tray , show your child how to trancfer the rock with the tonge from one bowl to the other starting left to right . this skill comes into play when your child begans to read. feel free to e-mail me at skorekeeper @hotmail.com . i will give you lots of differnt lesson . love and light...
i just decovered the osbornes !!!i can,t stop laughing . !!!
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